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Antony's previous projects include:   (see Links page for recent Clients' weblinks)

Design Approval Projects

79m Dredge Spoil Barge Stability Restricted Offshore (2C) operational upgrade

40m Ferry Terminal Pontoon for GLNG (Gladstone Gas Project)

31m Barge Ramp Pontoon and 31m Bulk Aggregate Pontoon for GLNG MOF (Gladstone Gas Project  Material Offloading Facility)-Surveyed in Vietnam

2 x 24m Ferry Terminal Pontoons for QCLNG (Gladstone Gas Project) -  Curtis Island, built Vietnam

33m Aluminium 1C Passenger Catamaran to DNV HSLC

30m Composite Superyacht using Det Norske Veritas High Speed Light Craft (DNV HSLC)

30m Steel Fishing Ship using American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for Ships on behalf of another State authority

30m catamaran's aluminium lifting car deck structure based on 3D Multiframe™ analysis. Lloyds Register Special Service Craft (LR SSC) rules were used, with reductions to account for the less onerous operating environment

Welding equivalence and remedial welding and structure of a 23m aluminium dive boat to DNV HSLC

Helicopter landing deck using Multiframe ™ (finite difference) analysis

International America's Cup Class (IACC) (carbon fibre/Nomex™) yacht for passenger charter using principles of risk management and equivalence

26m Offshore Tug, towing winch installation and stability upgrade

20m Offshore Tug: upgrade to 2C using ABS structure and stability rules

20m Composite Passenger Sailing Catamaran Stability update

19m Passenger Catamaran Stability to French Flag Administration Rules

15m Strip Planked Cedar Power Catamaran: Devised core/bond testing in conjunction with University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

13m Aluminium Dive Workboat to the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV)

12m Infused Composite Sailing Catamaran to AS4132

10m USA imported Composite Monohull to DNV HSLC

10m European yacht to ISO standards

9.5m Aluminium Lines Launch to NSCV and LR SSC

9m 50 knot Composite Catamaran, including polycarbonate windows

8m Composite Power Catamaran to NSCV and LR SSC

8m 50 knot Aluminium Monohull, including adhesive bonding to improve fairness of the hull.

7.6m Wokboat Barges to ABS, NSCV and LR SSC

6.5m Composite Power Catamaran to NSCV and LR SSC

5.5m Aluminium Punt to NSCV and LR SSC

Survey Projects

51m Barge for Construction Work in Gladstone Harbour

41m Dredge for Construction Work in Gladstone Harbour

40m Ferry Terminal Pontoon for GLNG (Gladstone Gas Project)-Surveyed Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone

35m steel landing barge-out of water

31m Barge Ramp Pontoon and 31m Bulk Aggregate Pontoon for GLNG MOF (Gladstone Gas Project  Material Offloading Facility)-Surveyed in Vietnam

30m aluminium catamaran-out of water, including shaft and bearing replacement and wave height speed envelope reduction for certificate of survey

100m steel landing ship "Toobruk", including ultrasonic testing-Assisted Navy surveyors with a tank survey

23m Class 3B Aluminium Catamaran to verify structural repairs due to poor design

23m Aluminium Cat Lightship check for prototype "Supercat" (Sydney Ferries )

20m Restricted Offshore (2C) Tug Lightship/sistership approval and ABS Tug stability analysis

Advice and strategy in successful dispute against major European production boat builder

26m Offshore Tug Bollard Pull and Winch Brake testing 

18m Landing Barge-out of water

17m Composite Offshore (2B) Monohull-out of water

13m Aluminium Dive Workboat to NSCV-out of water

10m harbour tug, including direction to rectify dangerous CO2 E/R fire system installation

8m Composite Power Catamaran to NSCV and LR SSC-newbuild Certificate of Survey

7.6m Wokboat Barges to ABS, NSCV and LR SSC-newbuild

6.5m Composite Power Catamaran to NSCV and LR SSC-newbuild

Australian Builder's Plate (ABP) testing and approval for boats from 2.6 to 23 metres

Scuttling of 24m Fishing Boat 'Tiwi Pearl' to become Artificial Reef in Moreton Bay

Marine Transportation, Heavy Lift, Loadout/Loadin Project Cargo 

2500t Coal Surge Bins and 500t Transfer towers on Floating Super Pallets, Semi Sub: China

1200t Coal Shiploader: Korea

220t HRSG Frames on stools with lashingless seafastening design review and stability review

343t Turbine + 100t transporter seafastening design review and ballasting stability review

HPX3 Hay Point Expansion #3 sea transport and loadout feasibility study review and attendance at all major Loadouts and Load-Ins in China, Korea and Mackay.

Load Line Projects

57m steel bunkering lighter conditions of assignment and renewal

33m Passenger Catamaran

25m Offshore Tug 

18m Landing Barge

Expert Witness

7m boat with pod added-poor design-settled
9m Jet Boat - engine mount failure-settled
12m European Sailing Catamaran-poor construction-settled
30m Passenger Catamaran-fall down stairs-poor design-settled
Fatal girded tug-engaged by insurer-ongoing
Alleged poor design by naval architect-engaged by insurer-ongoing


RPEQ: Registered Professional Engineer Queensland. The Professional Engineers Act 2002 requires that people offering professional engineering services (including Naval Architecture) must be an RPEQ. ( See www.bpeq.qld.gov.au )

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